Granulated iron sulfate (Adifer)

The Iron Sulfate for the reduction of Hexavalent Chrome that is marketed by ADICE comes in a granular form, with a particle size between 1 and 10 mm, which implies an easy handling of the product, either in bulk or in Big Bag. 

Depending on the facilities at the cement plants, the product can be supplied in Big Bag or in bulk, either in a standard bathtub or in a cistern with pneumatic conveyance. 

If you would like the Technical Data Sheet or the Safety Data Sheet, please contact us.


Caparrosa is the common name for Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate, also called “Copperas”. Due to its physico-chemical features, it can be applied in several very diverse sectors, such as: fertilizer, coagulant for the treatment of industrial waters, for animal feeding after undergoing a drying process, and for the reduction of Cr VI to CrIII in the cement industry.